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Meet your providers

Saina Cadet Provider Picture

Saina Cadet, MSN, APRN, AGNP-C

Demonstrating a deep commitment to the health community at Quick Clever Care Inc, our provider offers 15 years of knowledge and deep passion for patient care. An esteemed graduate of the University of Rhode Island, she leverages her extensive academic knowledge, coupled with profound empathy, to deliver personalized care. Her broad-ranging experience as a nurse practitioner, working with both adult and geriatric patients, has proven invaluable. It is through this experience that she has attained expert status in her field. More than addressing immediate health concerns, she is dedicated to fostering enduring relationships that inspire and support patients' wellness journey. She personifies QCC's dedication, enthusiastically poised to aid in your health journey.

Dawn Cater Provider Picture

Dawn Cater, BSN/MS, APRN, FNP-BC

Nurturing a robust health community at Quick Clever Care Inc, our provider brings a remarkable 30 years of professional healthcare experience to the table. She completed her rigorous academic training at Northeastern University, equipping her with a strong medical foundation. Her nurse practitioner experience spans from birth to death. This has equipped her with knowledge and the ability to care for a wide range of patients and their health concerns. Infusing her deep-seated empathy with this expertise, she delivers personalized care attuned to each patient's needs. Her dedication goes beyond addressing immediate health issues, as she cultivates enduring relationships that empower patients on their health journey. As a cornerstone of QCC's commitment, she's eagerly poised to facilitate your journey towards optimal health.

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